The Bits of Yesterday



blogDarrin Peloquin

Welcome to the new home of The Bits of Yesterday!

Here you can catch up on news about the quintessential indy docufilm! 

New things happening!:

  • Soon we will be adding T-Shirts and music!
  • In the coming weeks we will launching a companion podcast (Among the Electrons) that will talk about the current retro game collecting scene and other nerdy stuff like films and pop-culture. Join in on the colorful commentary as we will have guests from the collecting world, YouTube, and beyond(?) to join us lively chat. It will be a no holds barred weekly program! Stay tuned for that!
  • We launched a YouTube channel: Here you can check out another companion series called The EXTRA Bits of Yesterday. This is where you can find extended interviews, deleted scenes, and bonus material that didn't make it into the final film. All exclusive content that was not added to the bonus features of the released DVDs and Blu-Rays! We are excited to share these clips and scenes with you!


Thanks for stopping by and we will catch you on channel 3!